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God Factor

God Factor


See what God can do for you romantically when you seek Him in all His glory. God Factor helps you gain purpose and power for living, so your spirit can flourish. This is like planting a seed in rich, fertile soil. As it is nurtured with love, water, and sunlight, it can blossom into something beautiful and life-giving. With the help of the divine, we can tap into the same potential for our romantic lives. God Factor is the belief that God can and will work in our lives in miraculous ways—to bring healing, restoration, and transformation. It is the idea that if we put our trust in Him, He can bring about amazing changes in our lives and relationships. Step up your game and make a conscious decision to partner with God. His love will provide you with a new hope and perspective on your romantic trajectory. Take the next step and allow yourself to experience the God Factor.



  • Welcome to the God Factor

  • Find Purpose and Power of Living with God

The God Factor Concept

  • Review the Miraculous Work of God in Your Life

  • Heal, Restore, and Transform through God

  • Partner with God for Amazing Changes

Tap into the God Factor for Romantic Relationships

  • Impact Your Romantic Life with the God Factor

  • Believe in God for Romantic Transformation

  • Trust God for a New Hope and Perspective

Steps to Embrace the God Factor

  • Step 1: Recognize the Supernatural Nature of God

  • Step 2: Attract Supernatural Power to Your Life

  • Step 3: Embrace Supernatural Changes in Your Love Life

  • Step 4: Apply the Lessons and Assignment

  • Step 5: Seek Support and Feedback

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